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About Bordeaux

The babbling waters of the Garonne, the splash of the Gironde Estuary wetlands, the gush of Bordeaux's famous white wines – these are the backing tracks to what’s arguably France's most up-coming and exiting urban hub today. Steeped in the history of old Aquitaine, tagged by UNESCO and hurtling fast-forward into the modern age with shimmering new football stadiums and sleek tramways that run silent through the blocks, there's no denying the immersion that's on offer here. Travelers can flit between the Roman arches of La Victoire by morning and chin wag with the local students in the buzzing boho bars of the rejuvenated Les Quais district by afternoon. They can shop along the leafy boulevards and laze in the green parks of Gambetta Square, or wonder in grand museums related to the French Revolution. Of course, jaunts out to the Chateaux vineyards that line the Garonne and Dordogne rivers are a must, while Bordeaux tour guides will also be able to reveal a happening gastronomy scene in the city centre, including degustation joints, hearty local meat taverns and even artisan coffeeshops.

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