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About Finland

A land of wicked forests, magical ice caps, stylish cityscapes and high-hospitality, Finland remains one of the undisputed touristic gems of Scandinavia. Regularly hailed for its quality of life, the country is often noted as one of the most-coveted places to live in the world.
Also known for its raw, rugged and crisp hinterland, Finland undulates from season to season between snowy swathes of ice and blooming forest floors. Accordingly hikers and adventure seekers are usually directed to the Oulanka National Park, while adrenaline junkies typically love the lengthy winter sports season, which sometimes means skiing is available until early June!
Closer to civilisation, on the southern coastal fringes of Finland, the city of Helsinki is a veritable ‘must see’. Alive with all the cultural influences of Russia, Sweden and the Slavic south that has passed over this land through the centuries, it’s famous for its regal neo-classism, trendy nightlife spots and verdant waterside parks. It is also home to a range of museums and exhibition centres, and heritage-hungry travellers should be sure to ask their Finland tourist guide for tips on the best current events in town.

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