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About Fiji

This archipelago nation of 333 islets is a paradisal metaphor for the south Pacific as a whole. With a jungle-covered, mountain-peppered interior that’s dramatic in excess, and an array of beaches nothing short of heavenly, Fiji’s position as one of the world’s most luxurious exotic destinations is all but secure.
While the famous coast is now predictably packed with resorts, there are still numerous pockets of remote Robinson-Crusoe beaches just waiting to be discovered, and anyone feeling adventurous should be sure to ask their Fiji tourist guide about the hotspots away from the mainland Viti Levu. Of these, the second largest volcanic outcrop in Fiji, Vanua Levu, and the so called ‘Garden Island’ of Taveuni are perhaps the best-loved, while true to its name, the latter also offers up a range of breath-taking vistas and magnificent jungle hiking trails.
For a dose of civilisation, Fiji’s capital, Suva, is now a trendy and stylish town that boasts a university-driven nightlife and accomplished gastronomic scene, while the highland village of Navala represents the best introduction to traditional island life.

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