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Anteneh is a gentle, intelligent and educated young man. He's an excellent manager and pleasant companion with a natural sense of humor. He prepared ... More more right

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About Turmi

Turmi is the gateway to the Omo region of southern Ethiopia. Rustic and rural, it's become an important transport hub for visitors eager to spy wandering giraffes of the Omo National Park, or the rare plains lions atop the arid flats of the Stephanie Wildlife Sanctuary. This tiny little conglomeration of dusty streets and adobe yurts has deep heritage draws too, promising cultural encounters with age-old tribes, from the friendly Hammer people to the proud Dasenech tribe down south. Be sure to ask your Turmi tour guide about the lively weekly market, where you will be able to haggle your way through clusters of gourd-mountains, farmer stalls, tribal trinkets and animal trades. Sometimes, you may even be treated to a show of traditional pastoralist dancing and ritual.

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