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I spent an amazing week with Lalo, discovering the Omo Valley. Everything was great, driver was expert and nice, all the people we met on the way ... More more right

Review for Lalo Desse, Tour guide in Omo National Park, Ethiopia

Yes! It was a very memorable trip and one that we would suggest to other people! The communications were excellent, and we were very impressed ... More more right

Review for Shemels Taye, Tour guide in Omo National Park, Ethiopia

Super nice people, worked very well. Keen on making the best of the day More more right

Review for Destination Ethiopia Tour & Travel , Tour guide in Omo National Park, Ethiopia

About Omo National Park

Untouched and untrodden, the Omo National Park remains perhaps the least-developed and most remote national park in all of East Africa. It sits high on the plateaus of south-west Ethiopia, accessible only by a few treacherous dirt tracks, walking routes and one makeshift air strip set tenuously between the canyons and the banks of the Mui River. But despite the lack of visitors in the modern age, humans are no stranger to this region of dusty valleys, rolling highland savannah and riparian woods: between the rugged gorges and hoodoos of the Omo Kibish Formation were found the oldest remains of Homo sapiens known to man! What’s more, there’s a kaleidoscope of rural tribes – the Hammar, the Mursi, the Kara, the Suri - still peppering the landscapes with their bulbous thatched yurt villages, offering travellers a glimpse at a bucolic, old and traditional Ethiopia that’s all but lost in the cities further north. These fascinating people are also now trying their hands as Omo National Park tour guides, with walking tours and cultural excursions on the menu, offering an introduction to the unique cultural landscapes of the Omo and the timeless heritage they represent.

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