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Eliyakim was a great guide on our Ethiopia and Kenya safari. He never failed to deliver on the animals that we wanted to see and the kids where so ... More more right

Review for Eliyakim Bekele, Tour guide in Mekele, Ethiopia

About Mekele

Located in the northern reaches of Ethiopia, Mek’ele was once the beating epicentre of the Abyssinian Empire. It’s biggest landmark, the elaborate Italianesque palace of Yohannes IV serves as a reminder of this city’s onetime prestige.

Present day Mek’ele is the capital of the Tigray region, and a town with a laid-back vibe and happy provincial character. Most visitors today stop here on their way through to the volcanic plateaus and scorched plains of the Danakil Desert, or to spy out the bubbling magma pools of the Danakil Depression. Others head in to explore the greater Tigray Region, and join their Mek’ele tour guides on excursions to explore the monolithic churches around Gheralta Rock, or the Chele Anka waterfalls, which are just outside of town.

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