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About Jinka

Atop the green grass flats and muddy hills of the South Omo Zone, little Jinka offers an interesting picture of rural Ethiopian life. It's a town of ramshackle huts and lean-tos, all centered on an earthy marketplace that's packed will local sellers touting tribal crafts and regional produce from morning until night. And talking of tribes, this region of Ethiopia is known as the home of no fewer than 16 individual indigenous groups, which means Jinka tour guides often put cultural encounters at the very top of their list. From here, one can head out to the timber-built yurt hamlets of the Lower Omo Valley (a UNESCO World Hertiage Site) where prehistoric dig sites mix with folksy settlements. The sweeping wilds of the Mago National Park spread out close to town as well, where, between snarling baboons and native dik-diks, you can witness the fascinating traditions of the Mursi and Male people first-hand.

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