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About Hawzen

A little way south of the Eritrea border is where you can find the untrodden Hawzen, ringed by an amphitheatre of rock and stone. It is enfolded by the cathedral-like spires of the Nahiso Terara and the mighty Gheralta Mountains which soar in hoodoos and carve canyons through the landscapes all around. In fact, it is within those great ranges that visitors can be wowed by the smattering of amazing, rock-carved Ethiopian Orthodox churches that date back more than 1,000 years. Built between the 9th and 12th centuries, they can only be reached by arduous hiking routes that cross sheer-cut ledges and dusty bluffs – it is best to have an in-the-know Hawzen tour guide in. Highlights include the Abuna Yemata Guh church, which reveals beautiful frescos and rustic Christian shrines that seem unchanged by centuries. 

Meanwhile, the small town of Hawzen itself is a convenient place to base yourself for adventures into the Gheralta. It has banks, some restaurants, and regional bus links, not to mention a bustling Wednesday bazaar that draws traders from all across the woreda. 

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