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About Harar

A visitors’ first steps through this ancient Ethiopian city is often enough to understand Harar’s UNESCO World Heritage status. Several hundred alleyways weave their way through the old city, where colorfully thriving markets bustle among the backdrop of ancient stonewalls struggling to stay amass. It only takes a few hours of haggling with the locals selling handcrafted goods and some of the world’s best coffee to feel as though one has exited present time for a leisurely stroll through a previous century’s Sunday. Amidst the city’s countless winding roads lie ninety-nine mosques and an immeasurable amount of ornate shrines. Though any Harar tour guide would explain their hometown’s role as Islam’s fourth holiest city, its’ innumerable places of worship innately indicate the region’s devout spirituality; even Harar’s brewery makes an additional non-alcoholic beer for the Muslim population.
For the rare few who need to be convinced further of the city’s wonder, an opportunity to get up close and personal with its’ resident hyenas is enough to stimulate any explorer’s senses.

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