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About Hamer

The Hamer woreda (district) is right at the heart of the enthralling Omo Valley. Inhabited by the native Hamer people, it runs from the borderline with Kenya into the depths of the famous Omo National Park. Drawing adventurers and culture vultures, it promises an immersive experience of the uber-diverse and untrodden Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples' Region.

Human encounters take centre stage. Hamer tour guides can organise bucket-list-busting adventures deep into the wilds. There, you can camp in rustic tribal villages and learn all about the unique, unchanged way of life that's being carried on for centuries.

You can also hop on 4X4s or pull on the walking boots to hit the backcountry parks on a unique African safari. The sprawling Omo National Park is undoubtedly top of the bill. It's crossed by long-necked giraffes, hopping gazelle and zebras. Its dusty grass plains eventually spill into the Mago National Park that's famed for its rolling savannah, its kaleidoscope of native ethnic groups, and long, winding riverways.

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