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About Gondar

Gondar Ethiopia is referred to as the “Camelot of Africa” due to the several royal castles in the city.
Gondar was established as the capital of the Ethiopian Empire by Emperor Fasiladas in the 17th century.  An interesting tidbit about the name goes thus; the city was so named Gondar because there was a superstition that capital cities should start with the letter G.  The Fasilides Castles, a beautiful piece of architecture resembling a medieval European Castle was built by the Emperor in the late 1630s. While visiting the palace don’t miss the famous bath of the emperor, a two storey stone structure.  Several more fantastic structures were built by the emperor and his successors, the most note worthy being the Iyasu Palace and the church of Debre Berhan Selassie, the light of the Trinity. The Mentewabs Palace contains a number of buildings surrounded by a large compound wall.
Gondar remained an important town for over two centuries, a thriving center of religion, art and culture.  Some of its antique charm and beauty can be observed in the Ethiopian art that can be seen on their structures even today! To ensure the conservation of its priceless heritage, Gondar has been named as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

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