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About Danakil Depression

The otherworldly region of the Danakil Depression is the stuff of superlatives. By some measures, it's the hottest place on the globe, with regular year-round temperatures that rarely fail to scorch the earth and crack the ridges. It’s also the lowest point on the planet, carving deep down to a point more than 100 meters below sea level. It's indelibly dry as well; rain rarely comes, and the only water spots pop up with the arid salt flats of the Awash River, caking the land in white sodium flats as it goes. The whole place is the product of a unique geological situation. Sitting between a trio of tectonic plates that shift and jostle close to the Horn of Africa, the Mars-like landscapes are shrouded by the mighty peak of Mount Ayalu (be sure to get your Danakil Depression tour guide to show you that, with its mythical position in the pantheon of the Afar peoples) and carved through by primeval magma channels. The other main draw is the bubbling hot springs, which rise in bulbous stalagmites from the ground, showcasing multicolored pools of microbe-rich water. Accessed through a long drive over appalling roads and with no modern conveniences to speak of, it’s inhospitable, yes; but fascinating too!

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