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Yes! It was a very memorable trip and one that we would suggest to other people! The communications were excellent, and we were very impressed ... More more right

Review for Shemels Taye, Tour guide in Bale Mountains National Park, Ethiopia

Super nice people, worked very well. Keen on making the best of the day More more right

Review for Destination Ethiopia Tour & Travel , Tour guide in Bale Mountains National Park, Ethiopia

Eliyakim was a great guide on our Ethiopia and Kenya safari. He never failed to deliver on the animals that we wanted to see and the kids where so ... More more right

Review for Eliyakim Bekele, Tour guide in Bale Mountains National Park, Ethiopia

About Bale Mountains National Park

It's high up between the needle-like bergs and rock-ribbed plains of the Sanetti Plateau that the Bale Mountains hit perhaps their most amazing habitats. Waxy, spiny giant lobelia trees spurt straight from the grassy ground, green meadows sway left to right in the ceaseless winds, and animals of all shapes and sizes cross the wilds. There is arguably no other place with more endemic species in such a small area on the globe than the Bale Mountains National Park, which makes this great hinterland of highland Ethiopia one of the major wildlife draws in East Africa. Those heading for the trails and safari drives can expect an encounter with proud mountain nyala and orange-hued Ethiopian wolves, uber-rare painted hunting dogs and giant rodents, all scuttling over the stones and hiding in the shadows of Harenna Forest. Bale Mountains National Park tour guides are also eager to showcase the curious hoodoo spires of Rafu, the wide reaches of the great Web Valley, and all the rustic tribal villages that cascade down with the mountains to the grass flats of Gaysay. Don't forget the camera for this one!

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