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I spent an amazing week with Lalo, discovering the Omo Valley. Everything was great, driver was expert and nice, all the people we met on the way ... More more right

Review for Lalo Desse, Tour guide in Awassa, Ethiopia

Yes! It was a very memorable trip and one that we would suggest to other people! The communications were excellent, and we were very impressed ... More more right

Review for Shemels Taye, Tour guide in Awassa, Ethiopia

Super nice people, worked very well. Keen on making the best of the day More more right

Review for Destination Ethiopia Tour & Travel , Tour guide in Awassa, Ethiopia

About Awassa

Awassa is an African treasure where every visitor amenity is developed with high-quality luxury and traditional indigenous style. An asphalt road, modernized apartment buildings, and bustling shops suggest an advanced municipality, but donkeys crossing taxi lines and markets selling cattle remind visitors of their South African surroundings. Beyond cattle, the regional market sells everything from charcoal to shoes, and your Awassa tour guide would suggest a visit to shop like the locals do.  
Located on the shores of Lake Awassa, scenic views and breathtaking surroundings come hand-in-hand with a trip to this Ethiopian city, and hippo sightings are not uncommon. See them up close and personal via rented motorboat or rowboat; glide past the submerged houses lost in the lake’s tragic flood years ago or stop in at the hut-like snack stands for a waterfront treat. Once you see the city from its’ water, bike or hike the mountainous terrain for an inland look at this clean and inviting Ethiopian town. 

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