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About Aksum

The rocks and earth of Aksum have seen a city with connections to ancient Greece, Egypt, Persia and the Roman Empire.  This World Heritage Site referred to as Abyssinia in medieval texts is considered the heart of Ancient Ethiopia.  It is a marvel of obelisks, ruins of castles, undiscovered tombs, beautiful churches and other cultural treasures spanning several centuries and embracing different religions.  Here reined the Queen of Sheba and, according to Ethiopian tradition, is the holy place where the Ark of the Covenant is held.

Your Aksum tour guide will take you through the windows of time and cultural diversity, where beneath your feet lies Gondwanaland, the earth’s first continent.  You can visit the Archaeological Museum, the Aksum Stelae and the Church of St Mary of Zion for fascinating glimpses of the remains and artifacts that date back to pre and early Christian eras.

Aksum is a wonderful destination for history buffs, especially travelers who are interested in the historical aspects of Christianity and the biblical texts.

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