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About Ethiopia

A visit to Ethiopia is a welcomed step back in time. Located on the horn of Africa, it is one of the world’s oldest countries and was home to the oldest human fossil ever found. Its’ ancient history rewards all who visit Ethiopia’s land; ornate tombs and obelisks dot the region, while 17th Century castles add an architectural wonder scarcely seen elsewhere. Take a peek at the rusted Russian tanks from earlier times of war before venturing out into the country’s all-encompassing landscape. Extreme adventure waits amongst the animal-dense national parks and enthralling volcanic lake of Danakil Depression. Unlike so many destinations, Ethiopia is not a place for luxurious relaxation. Instead, it will engulf your emotions and forever change how you view the world. For the strong of heart and open-minded explorer, Ethiopia is the trip of a lifetime. An Ethiopia tour guide will note that the locals give respect in mutuality, showering hospitality on tourists who show regard for their national customs.

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