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11-Day Tour Of Ethiopia's Highlights From Addis Ababa
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    Private Tour

  • Tour Types

    Trekking, Architecture, History

  • Duration

    11 Days

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  • Language

    Amharic, English


Explore the best of Ethiopia, starting with a visit to the Ethiopian National Museum, and see the ancestor, Lucy in Addis Ababa. Head to the Rimbaud Museum in Harar, take in the sights of the Blue Nile Falls in Bahir Dar and trek through the Simien Mountains. Check out the mural at Ura Kidane Mehret Church, marvel at the Mantewab Castle in Gondar and look at the rock-hewn churches and grottoes in Lalibela.

  • Visit the Ethiopian National Museum

  • Sail by cruise to isolated monasteries at Lake Tana

  • Experience the beautiful streets of Aksum

  • Discover the unique castles of the regal city of Gondar

  • See the ruins of the Palace of the legendary Queen of Sheba

  • Trek the majestic peaks of the Simien Mountains

  • Explore Lalibela's unique rock-hewn churches

  • Day 1: Exciting Addis Ababa City Tour expand_more
    • Arrive at Addis Ababa, begin the day by exploring the oldest iconic hotel, enjoy typical Ethiopian and International flavours cuisine at Taitu Hotel. 

    • After refreshing, discover the greatest treasure of ancestor Lucy at the Ethiopian National Museum.

    • Head towards the Ta’eka Negest Ba’eta Lemariam Monastery.

    • Take a coffee break and wander around Mercato, a large open-air marketplace in Addis Ketema. 

    • Drive to Mount Entoto to enjoy the beautiful sunset over Addis Ababa.

  • Day 2: Travel to the exotic city Harar expand_more
    • Depart early at 08:00 am on a domestic flight from Addis Ababa to Dire Dawa, a one-hour flight. 

    • Proceed driving to the Muslim city of Harar, which is 50 kilometres that takes a one-hour drive, and you will be in northeastern Ethiopia, about 180 km from the Somali border. 

    • Reach Harar in the afternoon with the Ethiopian guide and travel to the old city of Saints. 

    • Visit the massive market of Awoday. It is a colourful market packed with the crowd watching exciting activities.  

    • Explore the Rimbaud Museum and stroll through the beautiful and colourful alleys of the old city, with a unique architectural design. 

    • Visit several houses and Sheikh graves. 

    • In the evening, see the Hyena Man as he feeds wild hyenas by hand, which takes place in an open area outside Harar.

  • Day 3: Flight back to Addis Ababa expand_more
    • In the morning, do some trekking.

    • Drive to Dire Dawa with your Moroccon tour guide.

    • Take a flight back to Addis Ababa.

  • Day 4: Fly to the Bahir Dar expand_more
    • Leave the hotel in Addis early at 07:20 am, took off on Etihad Airways from Bahir Dar. 

    • Drive with a guide to experience the panoramic view of Blue Nile Falls, which is 25 kilometres southeast of Bahir Dar. As you leave the trail, see a large and beautiful weekly market in the village of Tis Isat and explore the city's open market.

    • In the afternoon, sail on a peaceful boat at Lake Tana. Arrive with the boat to a peninsula called Zege, entering the lake.

    • Visit an interesting ancient church known as Ura Kidane Mehret Church which has an interesting mural. During the ride, see the Pelicans and Cormorants.

    • Arrive at your accommodation at Bahar Dar Kuriftu Resort & Spa in the evening.

  • Day 5: Drive to fortress city Gondar expand_more
    • Drive to the Gondar city, 185 kilometres away, pass through a mountain landscape, and occasionally make stops in the village along the way, experiencing the humans happening in the town. 

    • Arrive at Gondar in the afternoon. Visit several incredible sites, including the Imperial Enclosure, called Fasil Ghebbi, which includes the remains of Royal castles and Fortresses.

    • Pay a visit to the Mantewab Castle, also called Kuskuam. Locals usually come here and celebrate happy occasions such as weddings, and guests are dressed in fancy western holiday clothes. They dance and sing in the procession, creating a cheerful atmosphere, all against the background of the imperial complex and its large plaza. 

    • Explore a beautiful Debre Birhan Selassie Church, or the Church of the Light of Trinity, with beautiful frescoes depicting the Bible stories and the ceiling interior of hundreds of angels.

    • Witness Fasilides Bathing Pool, empty of water all year round, but for the Timkat holiday, it is filled with water, and crowds come here to celebrate.

    • In the evening, arrive at your accommodation at Gondar Florida Hotel, Gondar.

  • Day 6: Trekking in the Simien Mountains expand_more
    • Depart from Gondar early in the morning and drive to the town of Debark.

    • Visit the Simien Mountains National Park, 125 km north of Gondar, located in the Semien Mountains.

    • Arrive in Simien in the afternoon. Leave the car at a lodging point to start trekking. The trekking route will last up to three hours and maybe a little longer.

    • Trek through the hilly terrain, upside and down surrounding green mountains, forests, and trees and witness the unique wildlife and breathtaking landscape views.

    • Reach a place where are several dozen monkeys. The female has a kind of white apron on her chest. The interaction between the monkeys themselves and how they move in the field and look for plant food is fascinating. 

    • Return to your accommodation at Simien Park Lodge, Simien Reserve. It is very worthwhile to arrive despite the cold. 

  • Day 7: Drive back to Gondar expand_more
    • In the morning, go for another walk in reserve for about an hour and drive south on the way back toward Gondar (125 km, about three hours drive).

    • Arrive at Gondar in the afternoon and enjoy a tour of the city itself until evening.

    • Explore the local market and the streets nearby with your Ethiopian tour guide.

    • Walk through picturesque streets with exciting and colourful human and physical scenes. 

    • Reach your accommodation at Gondar Florida Hotel, Gondar.

  • Day 8: Fly to the Kingdom of Aksum expand_more
    • Depart from Gondar to the north of Aksum via domestic flight. The flight usually takes 45 minutes or two hours (depending on whether the plane arrives at Gondar Madis from the south or Malibliba from the east), and your flight will last for two hours because it is not direct. 

    • Visit the interesting sites of Aksum, such as the Church of St. Mary, considered the most important and most sacred in Ethiopia. When visiting Aksum, the guide will point to a building between the new church antiques, Tablets, and the original Ark of Covenant (No access to the building because of its holiness).

    • Explore the Stelae Field, where more than 120 monumental pillars (stelae), like obelisks, were erected. The most prominent and famous pillar is called the Obelisk of Aksum. There are tombs in the field of stalagmites.  

    • Experience the vicinity of the Stele Field, the Queen of Sheba Bath. The reservoir was built about a thousand years which served as a source of water for the kingdom of Aksum. 

    • Visit another archaeological site called the Dungur Palace or the Queen of Sheba Palace.

    • Arrive at your accommodation at Aksum Sabean International Hotel, Aksum.

  • Day 9: Travel to famous city Lalibela expand_more
    • In the morning, take a 45-minute flight from Aksum to Lalibela. Witness the celebrations and ceremonies of the Meskel holiday in Lalibela. The trip will be planned accordingly so that on the date of the Meskel, you will be in Lalibela.

    • In the afternoons, explore several large rock-cut churches in the ground. The structure of the churches is impressive in size and height. In various corners of the church, Christian clergymen read the book and pray. Also, witness the preparation where the main ceremony of the Maskal celebrations.

    • Travel the town's main street.

    • Reach your accommodation at Lalibela Mountain View Hotel, Lalibela.

  • Day 10: Experience Meskel celebrations at Lalibela expand_more
    • The Ethiopian Meskel celebrations will take place in the morning, with the participation of many religious figures, in the central square of the city of Lalibela. A procession of clergymen, dressed in white, decorated with red and coloured umbrellas. Surrounding the plaza in the procession, the crowd gathers in the center for speeches, greetings, and prayers, and in the middle of the square young people prepare a high pile of trees before burning them in the fire. 

    • In the afternoon, visit the neighbourhoods of Lalibela and several other churches.

  • Day 11: Final Departure expand_more
    • Around 10:00 am, fly from Lalibela to Addis Ababa. The flight will take an hour.

What's Included
  • Domestic flights 

  • Standard car according to the trip

  • Fuel

  • Ethiopian driver and guide

  • Entrance fees

  • Scouts 

  • Mule and mule man

  • Accommodation, hotel, food, and a bottle of water

What's Excluded
  • Travel insurance

  • Visas or vaccinations

  • International flights

  • Personal expense

  • Alcoholic drinks

  • Tips

Know before you go
  • The price is flexible and dependent on the number of people in the group.

  • The itinerary can be modified according to the time frame and interest of the tourist.

  • The guide is friendly and will let you do a community trekking to share the culture, norms, food, and lifestyle of the local community.

  • The trip to North and Eastern Ethiopia is completely different in nature, from a trip to southern Ethiopia. In the south, the emphasis is on ethnic tribes and minorities living in a remote, isolated, and largely arid region. The north is predominantly Christian, more settled, more modern, although it also has an interesting nature reserve.

Meeting Point

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Cancellation Policy

For cancellations upto 2 days before the tour -

Refund of 80% of the tour price.
Price Details
1 To 4 USD 3200 Per Person
1 To 4 USD 1000 Per Person

This is a private tour

Tour Reviews
  • Adrien

    We met anteneh in Taytu Hotel in Addis and we do 2 trip with him. Always on good way, he take care of us and his friend Soali too. We've been Hawassa and Harar. He is a good driver and guide too. We appriciate you a lot. Do not hesitate to contact him

  • Malath

    Cooperating with Anteneh was really good. He showed me places in Addis Ababa that I haven't read about before. He helped in organizing my trips to Bales mountains and some of the huge lakes southwest.  I got some discounts through him and I was really satisfied about my trip.

  • Kateryna

    Anteneh was organising a road trip from Addis to Lalibela and in the Ethiopian South. We had a great time, Anteneh made us feel welcome and to be in good hands. We can simply highly recommend him. Enjoy your time in this wonderful country. Jakob & Katya

  • yoram

    i was in Adis Ababa for 2 half days and with Antenna i have seen the most importent sites.he was willing to spend the time with me antil midnight.

  • Anati

    Antenna greeted us at the airport with a smile, was patient throughout, courteous and exemplary, if you were looking for a guide? Is the right choice!

  • Andrey

    Antoneh is very helpful,  but travel program may differ from previously agreed upon

  • Niraj

    I met Anteneh through a friend of friend Amsalu and was here in Ethiopia for 4 days.  Anteneh is amazing and friendly, full of zeal and adventure. I covered several places with him and he made a perfect itinerary for me keeping in mind my requests and needs. Anteneh is very helpful and cheerful keeping the vibes of the trip really high. I wish him a lot of success and recommend his expertise whenever you are in Ethiopia. I wish him all the success for his endeavour, and again ameseginalehu (Thank You) to Anteneh, who travelled with me throughout the trip and made memories to be cherished forever. Great work Anteneh, keep it up. Let 'different' cultures 'unite' the world. He is one of the most genuine person I have personally ever met and I am greatful to god for giving this beautiful opportunity. Cheers. 

  • Martin

    Anteneh provided a wonderful and robust itinerary totally based on our interests.  Plus he picked us up and returned us to the airport.   You would be truly fortunate to have him as your guide 

  • Jean-Philippe

    Fantastic tour of northern Ethiopia from Addis Ababa to Simien Park via Gondar and Bahar Dar. The organization was perfect, the monuments and landscapes superb. A guide at the top that makes us discover the local culture.

  • Nicole

    Our Tour Guide  Anteneh,was on time to pick us up at the airport Very nice,pleasant,well spoken and trust worthy person with a beautiful spirit and heart He already had our trip plan out down to the price of the food,cab fee and Bus transportation.Actually he saved us money with my family.We went on a city tour with our tour guide Anteneh, seeing a beautiful church look castle which was Holy Trinity Church and Entoto St.Maryam Church with beautiful colors of rainbows. Ethiopian people Praying My family did too.Sight seeing on the city bus very nice to interacting  and sit with them people of Ethiopian riding through the city of Downtown Addis Ababa, We got to see histrionic buildings,house, stone roads made of stones by hands of the Ethiopians people! We went to Sholla Market,Meskel Square,Menelik 11 square.We saw the Statue of the Emperor Minilli kill known memorial of the victory of Adwa Addis Ababa,Meyazia Yekatit12,monuments was the best time with my family Cab share rides too! Me and my family had the time of our lives! Injera was everything it was good

  • Tobi

    Anteneh organized a 17 day tour through the North of Ethiopia (Amhara and Tigray Region) for me and my family as well as an Ethiopian friend (in total 4 people). The tour to Bahir Dar, Gondar, Awra Amba, Simien Mountains, Axum and Lalibela included a travel by 4x4 car and booking/organizing of hotels, restaurant, bars and locals guides. He knew all places very well and had a very good infrastructure with reliable and competent persons that additionally assisted us when necessary.

    He made thoughtful and realistic plans for the tour with a colorful mixture of nature and cultural highlights.

    We could always count on him. In any unexpected situation … and it seems to be the normal case that you face unexpected situations in Ethiopia … he came up with excellent alternatives and negotiated with involved people to get the best solutions for all parties.

    We very grateful for his excellent support and recommend him very much. He is not only a very good tour organizer and guide, but also a smart, kind and humorous person.

  • Aurélien

    Must be done!!! Stunning views, really contact with the ethiopian culture, nature and local community trekking. Very nice accomodations. Excelent treatment by local guides, Anteneh with extra attention to  !!! and constant supervision by the principal of the enterprise. So secure and feeling of being really on his mind. Thanks for an unforgettable tour!!

  • Sabine

    Anteneh helped us to plan an 8 days trip in Ethiopia in June 2019, for which Antehenh arranged our itinerary, lodging, many delicous meals, domestic flights and by public transport and also personal car. The trip included five cities/regions, the Danakil Depression as well as community treks, during which we hiked between a series of community-run campsites , which were run by local people who prepared our meals. In addition to the stunning mountains und unforgettable sunsets, these treks gave us access to the "real Ethiopia", and a chance o talk and interact with everyday people. The treks also provide a valuable means of community sponsorship / development, so you can be assured that you are actually helping people with your travels. Before booking with Anteneh, we had read all the travel books and talked to other agencies, but we would have never on our own been able to as authentic a trip as we received from Anteneh, and I doubt we could have found it anywhere else either. We will come back for sure! All the best to you, Anteneh, yours Claudia and Bine

  • Johnny

    We meet Anteneh in Addis Abeba august 2019.

    He really organize us to plan our trip to the north of Etiopia (Bahirdar, Gonder,Simein mountains and Danakill deprresion) giving advice and getting good price on a tour de booked.

    He know until where you need help on planning you trip, and where to stop and flow yourself.

    We really recomend to contact him and ask for everything you need!

  • Jarmila

    Anteneh is a gentle, intelligent and educated young man. He's an excellent manager and pleasant companion with a natural sense of humor. He prepared a great and varied program for me during three weeks. All was very well organized.  He planned all activities in detail. 

    We visited beautiful and interesting historical places, several interesting towns and a lot of natural beauties together. He even took me to visit his very old grandmother. She lives in humble conditions in the Gondar city in the north Ethiopia. She was very happy. I like her. When I wanted to get to know the lives of poor people, Anteneh took me to such places where tourists don't go. So I met very poor people and I could talk to them about their life. They were very interesting and informative meetings ... and sad too. I felt absolutely safe with Anteneh even in dangerous places. People respect him. I could relay on him in every situation.

    Anteneh is an excellent tourist guide. I rate his service with the highest mark.

    I will remember this trip forever. 

    Thank you very much Anteneh, my friend.

    One last thing: If you want to do one little good deed, feed the street kids or beggars. Thank you.

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