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So, you're here because you want to find the best possible guide for your trip to Cairo and Egypt. If you don't like long reviews, then I can tell ... More more right

Review for Bucket List Travel Egypt , Tour guide in Giza, Egypt

三年前到埃及来通过国内朋友介绍了爱德先生作为地陪导游,发现是一位中文说的非常流利的埃及人,中文说的比中国人自己还标准。又发现爱德不仅是导游也是埃及考古专家,对埃及7000年的历史,埃及文化,现代经济,政治情况非常了解。。。。其实到一个国家旅行最重要还是当地导游。因为艾哈迈德。爱德我们自己旅行完美了recommend ahmed for any trip in Egypt, excellent 谢谢你 More more right

Review for Ahmed爱德 Eid, Tour guide in Giza, Egypt

We have a really enjoyable day touring Luxor with Hamada and Discover Travel Egypt, He has a wonderful personality and showed everything we asked ... More more right

Review for Mohamed Mansour, Tour guide in Giza, Egypt

About Giza

Between the hazy traffic fumes and rising desert dust that looms in clouds above the Giza cityscape just west of Cairo central, one can usually make out the faint silhouettes of unquestionably Egypt’s most definitive sight: the sharp triangles of the Giza Necropolis, with its crumbling Sphinx and sprawling concomitant ruins.
If you’re looking to get up-close-and-personal with these quintessential sights, then staying in Giza is the perfect choice. Lively and awash with hotels, hostels and guesthouses, the city sits in the perpetual gaze of the Necropolis itself, and is a great spot from which to launch camel treks through the desert plateaus or historical tours of the ancient site.
While the 5,000-year-old Great Pyramid of Giza and the mysterious and monolithic Great Sphinx are the star attractions, plan your visit with your Giza tourist guide keeping in mind the other ‘must see’ pyramids, tombs and monuments that dot the plateau, including the Giza Museum, the world’s largest archaeological museum coming up in the vicinity.

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