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About Tena

One of the stepping stones into the Ecuadorian Amazon, Tena has risen and risen from a cinnamon-growing industrial hub to a high-adrenaline adventure sports destination. It now magnetizes whitewater rafters, cavers, and hikers by the bucket load, who come to hit the jungled trails and dodge boulders on the roaring Roi Napo, and oodles of other rivers nearby.

The center of the town is awash with backpacker hostels and guest houses, Ecuadorian eateries and Tena tour guides that offer all sorts of intrepid excursions across the region – from spelunking to volcano hiking. There’s a vibrant Malecon walk filled with cafés and bars, too, where you can end days of trekking with story swaps and cold beers.

To the north of Tena, you can also explore the church-topped colonial center of Archidona, an important centre for the numerous Kichwa communities in the region place. En route, the cave complex of Jumandy offers quite a sightseeing experience, where one can wade and swim through its labyrinths. To the west, Misahuali is where you get a healthy dose of monkeys and butterflies. For budding ecologists, the Amazoonico Animal Rescue Centre and the Jatun Sacha Biological Station at are a must, with introductions to rainforest biodiversity, sustainability, and ecology.

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