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Nelson was our Bird Guide for a 12 day tour, west and east side of the Andies, booked by Dana Lodge.   As Nelson has returned to live in Mindo ... More more right

Review for Nelson Apolo Jaramillo, Tour guide in Riobamba, Ecuador

An amazing 2 weeks holliday around The Galapagos and Ecuador , fantastic Tours and guides with lots of interesting history and background to the ... More more right

Review for Guidecuador Jacome, Tour guide in Riobamba, Ecuador

Fabián es una persona muy amable. Conoce el centro histórco de la ciudad de Quito a la perfección. Durante todo el tour sabe muy bien como captar ... More more right

Review for Fabián Núñez, Tour guide in Riobamba, Ecuador

About Riobamba

High in its perch amidst the snow-tipped peaks of the Ecuadorian Andes, Riobamba welcomes visitors to a charming Spanish core of preserved churches and 18th century stone architecture. The town itself is a hubbub of action from Monday to Saturday, boasting a wealth of farmer’s markets and artisan bazaars to explore, traditional craft boutiques on Pinchincha Street, and an unexpectedly lively nightlife scene centred on the roads around El Parque Infantil.

Perhaps the most fascinating sight here is the gigantic, glacial silhouette of Chimborazo, the tallest summit in all of Ecuador, and its volcanic brothers on the horizon. Any travellers looking to explore those altitudinous reaches should ask their Riobamba tour guide for tips on the best hiking routes that abound amidst the Sangay National Park and the mountainous ridges surrounding town. Alternatively, breathtaking views of the Andean slopes can be had on the Nariz del Diablo train ride, a hair-pinning, hair-raising excursion, and an engineering marvel.

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