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About Mindo

Covered with plumes of mist and doused in rain for much of the year, Mindo is a place of gushing streams and waterfalls hidden between emerald forests that roll down from the heights of the western Andes. The centre, mainly just a haphazard array of breezeblock buildings and rickety timber shacks, has become a real favorite of the backpacking crowd – think plenty of bargain dorm beds, rustic coffeeshops and traditional Ecuadorian cantinas. It’s at the latter that you will also find most of the Mindo tour guides, offering everything from hiking into the cloud forests to birdwatching in the nearby reserves. The surrounding woods also host many Eco tourist lodges and outdoorsy activities, with zip lines flitting around, butterfly farms nestled between he teak groves, and gardens of blooming orchids that are more colorful than you've ever seen. Mindo is also particularly attractive because of its accessibility, just a stone's throw from the highway that runs all the way to Quito.

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