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About Galapagos Islands

The renowned Galapagos Islands lie almost 1000km off the coast of South America and belong to the country of Ecuador.
This small archipelago comprising 19 islands altogether can boast of playing an astounding role in the formulation of Charles Darwin’s theories of natural selection and evolution. Created by volcanoes violently erupting from the sea, the flora and fauna found in the Galapagos evolved independently and isolated across different islands. Truly like no other place on earth, the Galapagos Islands draw in eco-tourists from all over the world. The best way to explore all of the islands, including the smaller outlying ones is by cruise boat.
The vibrant marine life around the islands is perfect for scuba diving and snorkelling and the Galapagos is home to the world’s two premier diving destinations, Darwin Island and Wolf Island. Of course fishing and surfing in the crystal clear waters is also popular as is swimming and kayaking. On dry land horse-back riding is a great way to traverse the rugged terrain of the highlands and can be arranged with a Galapagos Islands tour guide.

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