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I can honestly say he is the best all around guide you can get. Great people skills, a truly passionate naturalist and an expert on many subjects ... More more right

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About Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve

Perhaps the most feral corner of Ecuador is taken by the vast Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve. Tucked into the north-eastern edge of the country, where the lowlands of the great Amazon Rainforest begin in earnest, it magnetizes intrepid travellers and ecotourists with its mind-boggling biodiversity and array of natural landscapes. 

Whether you fly in on a short-hauler from Quito or wiggle up the winding roads from Nueva Loja, you will be welcomed with visions of endless greenery and water. The abundance of lakes and channels is what supports such an overload of animal life, and one can hop in local paddleboats with a Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve tour guide and head out to explore.

Safaris often encompass rainforest treks and boating, which maximises the chance to see the region's rare fauna and promises a wide-ranging introduction to the unique habitats that spread out on the plains this side of the Andes. Special sightings include the nocturnal crocodiles in the swamps, stalking jaguars, pumas, giant otters, tapirs and a whopping 580 or more bird species.

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