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About Cotopaxi National Park

Just a hair's breadth on the map south of Quito, where the air is thin and the high plains of the Andes Mountains unfold to form the very roof of Ecuador, the majestic, snow-plumed peak of Cotopaxi peeks through the clouds. Around it is surely one of the most dramatic and awesome landscapes in all South America. Bare and barren flats are punctuated by the occasion cone of other mighty mountains such as the Ruminawi and Sincholagua, llamas, wild ponies and the occasional bear are the only company you will find, and rock-spotted grasslands are the bridge between the foreground and the horizon. Now a protected reserve, there are dedicated Cotopaxi National Park tour guides who can help organize climbing excursions to the summit (it's actually one of the most popular and accessible climes in the Ecuadorian Andes). Other than the otherworldly views to enjoy, there are also the lower-altitude trails around Laguna de Limpiopungo to hike.

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