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About Ecuador

As an epicenter of dazzling landscapes, eye-catching wildlife, and charming but progressive urbanization, Ecuador is a worthy destination for any cause. Cities boast antique-style squares, intricately restored mansions, and entertainment for days; cozy cafes in old Spanish colonial buildings, and pulsing nightclubs radiate through the streets of Ecuador’s urban areas, enticing and entrancing visitors of all ages.
Meanwhile, a trip to the country’s rural regions will find enchanting villages amidst the sprawling Andes Mountains and dense jungle rainforest. Adventure meets exploration with volcano-side hikes, white-water rafting, and village guesthouses. As any Ecuador tour guide will tell you, no trip is complete without a visit to the Amazon. Rivers and trails meander from secluded lodges through the natural home of sloths, monkeys, anacondas, and exotic birds; but no locale is as captivating as the country’s beloved Galapagos Islands. Unusual animals and otherworldly nature views engulf the islands, rendering those who tour it speechless. Having recently become one of the safest Latin America countries, there’s no reason not to see the wonder of Ecuador firsthand. 

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