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Janler is a very nice guy. He welcomed us to the beach in El Valle, en introduced us to his family. The boat tour to Playa ... More more right

Review for Janler Castro

Beautiful place for mountain bike. Each time it's a challenge but the trail whit the view of Puerto Plata it's so Wonder full...thanks ... More more right

Review for Maximo Martinez

About Dominican Republic

With the Atlantic to the North and the Caribbean Sea at its southern end, the Dominican Republic has more sunshine and cerulean waters than you can fit into one vacation. Locals are welcoming and the culture celebrates fun like a national pastime, while coffee and rum flow as freely as the generous helpings of sun streaming from clear skies. Any traveler in need of a break will find exactly what they need here, and then some.
The Dominican Republic is a geographically diverse nation with plenty in the way of romance - from colonial architecture to picturesque mountains and dramatic sand dunes evocative of sci-fi movies. The Malecons (seaside promenades) of Santo Domingo and Puerto Plata will either present you with a tranquil scene of stillness or blast merengue 24 hours a day. One thing’s for sure: Dominicans know how to party and there’s never a dull moment for those looking to let loose. Expect your travel guide to the Dominican Republic to be either soaked in rum, sea or sand by the end of your stay.