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About Dominica

Where the other islands of the Lesser Antilles are known for their chic and suave beach resorts and luxurious coastal destinations, Dominica is famed for its rugged interior jungles and soaring volcanic peaks. It’s a distinction that’s made it popular with a totally different type of tourist, and save a few hopeful beach bums, most come here in search of trekking trails, hiking routes and uncharted hotspots of supreme natural beauty.
Budding walkers should be sure to ask their Dominica tourist guide for tips on how to penetrate the primeval forests of the UNESCO-attested Morne Trois Pitons, where it’s possible to spy out the bubbling fumarole of Boiling Lake (the world’s second largest hot spring by size). Elsewhere, the Calibishie region of the north offers some great coastal trekking routes.
The capital at Roseau is filled with charming locals, who still have a deep felt penchant for that legendary Caribbean hospitality. And, while there’s little nightlife to speak of, the culinary offering is earthy, hearty and masterful, making this one of the best spots to sample the fabled seafood of the Antilles.

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