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About Djibouti

Granted, Djibouti might be off-the-beaten-track, but boy is it a treasure trove of traveler delights! Otherworldly sights abound in this little section of the African Horn. Soaring hoodoos of bulbous rock pepper the mountainous interior; Arabian deserts roll out to meet a red-hued horizon; camels groan across dunes, and coastal deserts meet sun-baked beaches trodden by endangered sea turtles and peppered with rust-caked fishing boats.

A magnet for superpowers in search of military bases in one of the horn’s more stable countries, the country has of late gained popularity with intrepid types and outdoorsy adventurers too. Djibouti tour guides help travellers experience the unique range. Start with expeditions to the dusty wilds of the Day Forest National Park where the juniper-dotted ridges hide the bucolic nomad towns of the Afar people. Then delve into the shark-spattered waters of the Bay of Ghoubbet, scale the volcanic heights of Ardoukoba, float in the salty waters of Lac Assal..the list goes on! Expect this all to be served “no frills’ style though, since the capital city is the only real urban center here.

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