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Helena was professional punctual & knowledgeable her style was casual & welcoming all our party thought she was excellent & good value for money More more right

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About Copenhagen

In many ways, Copenhagen’s perch on the eastern edge of Zealand, bridging the gap between Scandinavian Sweden and the European north, is what has defined it as a city in the modern age. Within the aged patchwork of its medieval old town, quaint painted facades rub shoulders with gliding trams that look like they’ve been plucked straight out of modernist Germany, while the baroque majesty of the Latin Quarter speaks of Paris, and the salty smorrebrod luncheons could only have come from the Baltic Sea.
There’s no question that Copenhagen is one seriously cool place, and the locals know it too. In the summer they emerge as if from hibernation to sprawl out over the beaches of the Amager Strandpark, the promenades of the inner harbour, the amusement spots of the Tivoli and the al fresco drinking joints of the old town. In the winter, the action goes underground, to subterranean jazz bars or thumping techno clubs spouting Scandinavian electronica. All around everything is designed meticulously, carefully keeping alive the unflappable bespoke and artistic side of this truly creative city.

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