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About Denmark

The Kingdom of Denmark is one of Europe’s greenest, happiest and most livable countries, if not the world’s. Year after year, statistics, lifestyle magazines and travel guides come to the same conclusion, but why is that? It can be the universal healthcare, free university tuition, short work hours and environmental consciousness that reaches all sectors of society, but that would be cutting it short.
The archipelago’s cozy setting on the Baltic Sea keep it comfortable and romantic, and the architecture doesn’t hurt its homely image, either. Royal castles and modern marvels make Denmark a sort of playground for innovative design, with vast green spaces breaking up the edifices every so often. This curious juxtaposition of the new and old extends to the threads of society, where traditions and festivals are given their due importance by a forward looking people who surround themselvs with zoos, amusement parks and museums to further facilitate their celebration of life. And while the Danes are proud of their Viking heritage, the boats have long been stowed away to be replaced by bikes. Thanks to the intricate network of lanes that stretch out to the country, one-third of Copenhageners bike pretty much everywhere; as do a number of bike tours provided by Denmark tour guides showing the area’s sights the local way!

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