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About Brno

Brno, the second largest city in the Czech republic will pleasantly surprise you with so many interesting things to do and see! Probably one of the most exciting adventures is the Brno Underground, a phenomenal labyrinth of corridors, cellars and crypts. Let your Brno travel guide lead you into exploring these medieval corridors where the cold starkness and serene quietness is a pleasant relief from the hubbub of the streets above.  The architecture of the city is spectacular and diverse; from the gothic towers and baroque interiors of the cathedral of St Peter and St Paul that grace the city skyline to the iconic modern lines of Villa Tugendhat, a World Heritage site. The architectural and religious heritage of this Moravian capital showcased by churches, castles and monasteries is complemented by culture, an important facet of Czech life. The imposing but statuesque Mahen Theatre, built in 1881, was the first theatre in Europe that installed Thomas Edison’s electric light bulbs. To bring it all together, leafy parks abound and restaurants and sidewalk cafes provide pleasant relief from all the walking; choose any one to try out an assortment of delicious and beautifully crafted pastries and aromatically fragranced coffee. 

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