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Thanks to Michalis we had a really lovely jeep tour to Akamas. He was very committed to show us the best places. We booked the tour via our tourist ... More more right

Review for Michalis Meliniotis, Tour guide in Nicosia, Cyprus

Nous avons passé une semaine en compagnie de Thalia en mars 2018. Génial!Le séjour répondait à nos attentes en tous points : randos, visites ... More more right

Review for Thalia Sofiali, Tour guide in Nicosia, Cyprus

Highly reccomend arrangeing a tour guided by Nataly as she suggested amazing places and was very friendly and helpful. More more right

Review for Nataly Benzar, Tour guide in Nicosia, Cyprus

About Nicosia

Nestled neatly in a fold of land between the Kyrenia and Troodos Mountains of northern and southern Cyprus, this divided city is now a melting pot of Turkish and Greek traditions that does well to encapsulate the character of its island nation as a whole.
Nicosia tour guides are quick to extoll the city’s ancient past, pointing visitors to the curiously hexagonal Old Town district, where winding cobbled streets and overhanging façades ooze with Byzantine styles, Romanesque caricature and old Ottoman adornments. Here too is to be found the best array of museums in Cyprus, ranging from historical exhibitions of the nation’s lengthy past, to quirky displays of Harleys and vintage bikes at the Cyprus Classic Motorcycle Museum.
But the Old Town of Nicosia is no relic to simply be gawped at. Amidst its streets and sidewalks the bubbling youth of Cyprus can be seen sipping coffee, with sizzling haloumi and hummus mezze dishes, while hidden betwixt its many nooks and crannies, there’s a surprising hedonistic nightlife offering and plenty of late night bars to discover.

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