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Thanks to Michalis we had a really lovely jeep tour to Akamas. He was very committed to show us the best places. We booked the tour via our tourist ... More more right

Review for Michalis Meliniotis, Tour guide in Larnaca, Cyprus

Nous avons passé une semaine en compagnie de Thalia en mars 2018. Génial!Le séjour répondait à nos attentes en tous points : randos, visites ... More more right

Review for Thalia Sofiali, Tour guide in Larnaca, Cyprus

Highly reccomend arrangeing a tour guided by Nataly as she suggested amazing places and was very friendly and helpful. More more right

Review for Nataly Benzar, Tour guide in Larnaca, Cyprus

About Larnaca

Nestled under the eastern arm of Cyprus, the pretty little town of Larnaca is possibly the oldest settlement on the island as a whole. Today its rough stone castle and smattering of Greek churches stand as testimony to its colonisation as ancient Kition by the Byzantines, Ottomans and Turks through time, while a number of truly fascinating archaeological finds (beautifully conserved at its museums) betray an even longer history dating back to the pre Neolithic times!
But like any town enjoying the sun and sands of southern Cyprus, Larnaca also has its modern edge. It comes in the form of a pretty seaside boulevard and the bustling beach stretch of Phoinikoudes, peppered with hotel umbrellas and American-style concession stands. Then there’s the bubbling bar area of Laiki Yeitonia, where any Larnaca tour guide will direct travellers who look for partying after dark or café culture during the day.
Plenty of visitors also hit the laid-back town for the wealth of possible excursions, which include diving trips to the nearby Zenobia shipwreck and day outings to the traditional mountain town of Lefkara, with its bespoke lace products and magnificent white-washed homes.

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