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Thanks to Michalis we had a really lovely jeep tour to Akamas. He was very committed to show us the best places. We booked the tour via our tourist ... More more right

Review for Michalis Meliniotis, Tour guide in Famagusta, Cyprus

Highly reccomend arrangeing a tour guided by Nataly as she suggested amazing places and was very friendly and helpful. More more right

Review for Nataly Benzar, Tour guide in Famagusta, Cyprus

Seeing Cyprus with Yusuf was a new experience, his knowledge and resourcefulness made it all a new experience.Thanks for the memories YusufYas. More more right

Review for Yusuf Nidai, Tour guide in Famagusta, Cyprus

About Famagusta

Located in northern Cyprus, Famagusta’s old city is a wonderfully preserved collection of medieval and renaissance buildings. Canon balls still remain in the fortification’s walls, remnants of the 1950s’ Turkish siege and reminding tourists’ of the city’s combined beauty and warfare. In addition to an abundance of historical sights, the Old Town holds souvenir stores specializing in the nation’s handcrafted Lefkara lacework, as well as an exciting sampling of pubs and cafes. The modern neighborhood’s Salamis Street houses a thriving strip of bars and eateries, often visited for a dose of authentic Famagusta nightlife.
It should be noted that public transportation and bicycle rentals are not readily available. For tourists, renting a car or taking a taxi are optimal ways to see the city. While Famagusta is small and easily toured on foot, crossing into neighborhoods quarantined by the UN or Turkish Army can lead to arrest; these areas are clearly marked and easily avoided, but solo travellers may feel more cautious with a Famagusta tour guide escorting them through town.

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