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About Cyprus

An island in the Mediterranean, Cyprus is both surrounded by other countries’ influence and distinctly its’ own. With an air of Greece’s European flair, the island’s close proximity to Asia and Africa brings an element of exoticism; this medley creates a definitive personality of intrigue and excitement scarcely found in other destinations. Busy, tourist-ridden cities hold an obvious draw of sunshine and built-up hotels. Any Cyprus tour guide would say the nation’s real heartbeat lies in the less-altered, smaller villages; where citrus groves and medieval castles lay with provincial charm. Nearby, honey colored sand and dazzling beaches wait in untouched glory.
Regardless of where you journey, take a break with house made Cypriot wine. Known as Commandaria, it is as sweet as it is strong. Dine on culinary specialties of tahini or Halloumi cheese, before shopping for intricate lacework from a Cyprus village or local-made leather goods. This floating country is a wealth of beauty, both in their landscape and their crafts, leaving tourists in love with the serene breeze and shimmering sun-ridden shores. 

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