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Review for Felipe Gonzalez, Tour guide in Pinar del Rio, Cuba

About Pinar del Rio

Set high between the startling mogote hills and agricultural plains at the western extreme of the Cuban finger, the little town of Pina Del Rio is an off-the-beaten-track traveller’s dream come true.
First off, the surrounding area is a patchwork of rolling plantations, verdant valleys and mind-boggling geological formations, all glimmering in green under the heat of the Cuban sun. Second, there’s always been a certain self-sufficiency about the Pinarenos people that live here; a distinct pride in their bucolic nature and rustic way of life. Just linger here for a while and you’ll soon see it, bubbling up from the samba bars and rum joints in town, or evident in the aromatic tobacco smells issuing forth from the Alejandro Robaina plantation nearby.
There’s also a wealth of fantastic daytrips to be had here, and anyone interested in doing a little more exploration of the region should be sure to ask their Pinar Del Rio tourist guide about diving excursions to legendary Maria la Gorda, or hiking opportunities around the rugged Indian Caves and pretty little homes of Vinales to the north.

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