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About Zagreb

Running out from the central hub of Ban Jelacic Square, Zagreb’s wide streets and cobbled alleyways are peppered with endless examples of Austro-Hungarian imperial grandeur and Balkan bohemianism alike. There’s the magnificent twin-spires of the Cathedral of the Assumption of Mary, the sprawling, statue-dotted park of Maksimir, and the palatial frontispieces of King Tomislav Square—all veritable musts for the budding sightseer heading into town.
A jaunt to the bubbling student bars along Tkalciceva Street will show, this is a city with an edgy and divergent side too, which means that anyone interested in pursuing the historical and artistic tendrils of the city a little deeper, should be sure to ask their Zagreb tourist guide for the low down on the quintessential exhibitions of the Muzej Mimara, alongside more quirky spots like the Museum of Broken Relationships or the Dolac farmer’s market.
Then there’s also the looming shadow of Mount Medvednica; a permanent reminder of Zagreb’s wonderful natural surroundings. These make for endless hiking trails, refreshing lake swims and even wintertime skiing opportunities, not to mention easy access to some of the country’s amazing Adriatic beaches just to the south-west.

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