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About Zadar

Most visitors to Croatia head to the sun-soaked south coast, but take a trip north instead and you’ll find yourself in Zadar, a vibrant Croatian city with beautiful architecture and a charming sea front.
Once part of the Roman Empire, Zadar has a well-preserved historic old town, replete with Roman ruins, medieval churches and cathedrals along with the museums and libraries that tell their story.  This cultural gem of a city has also been endowed with a musical inheritance best experienced with a musical evening at the preromanic St Donatus Church amidst the splendour of its artistic interiors.
By far the most unusual attraction in Zadar is the Sea Organ and Sun Salutation, a man-made organ overlooking the city harbour that works with a unique light display to create a sight-and-sound spectacle like no other, best experienced at sunset.
Consult your Zadar tour guide to discover that there’s so much more; national parks, nature reserves, canyons and lakes extend out to islands waiting to be explored. This action packed itinerary is gastronomically complemented by Zadar’s famous Dalmatian cuisine and a cafe culture; you don’t have to go far to find a place to rest your feet and enjoy a cup of coffee.

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