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Suran is the rare combination of energy and enthsiasm yet patience.  She fielded all my questions in Italian and had great and detailed ... More more right

Review for Maja Suran, Tour guide in Pula, Croatia

Highly recommended. Goran is very kind and knowledgeable of the history of the region. Excellent. We went to porec,  pula and rovinj. We ... More more right

Review for Goran Cvek, Tour guide in Pula, Croatia

About Pula

Crowned by the impressive Arena (without question the best-preserved Roman architectural relic in all of Croatia), Pula bears its ancient past in a proud display of historic temples, honorific gateways and celebrated archaeological museums. But don’t be deceived, Pula is a lively, breathing town, with a beating nightlife, a magnificent array of Istrian wine cellars, oodles of charming Venetian lanes to wander, and unrivalled access to the magnificent beaches of the nearby Kamenjak National Park.

Be sure to get your Pula tour guide to pinpoint all of the major sights on the map. Then, you’re free to wander between the Croatian beer bars and limestone churches to discover the eye-watering Temple of Augustus, the various triumphal arches still marking the boundaries between the old town and the new, and the sun-kissed cobbles of the glorious Venetian Forum yourself. Afterwards, why not explore the peripheries, delving into the acclaimed Aquarium between the bulwarks of the crumbling Verudela Fort, or breaking out into the olive hills of Istria to sample some truffle pasta, or swimming in the crystal clear waters of the Adriatic fjords?

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