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Review for Mapping Croatia , Tour guide in Dubrovnik, Croatia

About Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is a series of oddly matched wonders; old but undiscovered, archaic but luxurious, historical yet modern. It would be difficult to imagine any city maintaining as much as its’ past in every sidewalk and building, while still dazzling visitors with its’ mystique and coastal beauty.
Walk along the marble city streets and century old walls past forts, palaces, and cathedrals that act like a living, 3D museum while your Dubrovnik tour guide details the rise and fall of this beautifully civilised town. For a more expansive view, a revamped cable car provides a unique avenue for taking in the breathtaking Mediterranean sites, as sparkling bright blue Adriatic waters roll along this Croatian city’s shores welcoming boats, jetskiiers and sunbathers alike.
Evenings see wild raucous seep through this peaceful town; low-key pubs, clubs blasting techno music, and everything in between provides locals and tourists alike with a night out as unforgettable as the city itself.

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