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About Croatia

Having recently become Europe’s go-to destination, backpackers, cruisers, and luxury vacationers are heading to Croatia with eager anticipation. Despite its’ rising popularity, the country’s ability to avoid caving into tourism keeps it such an endearing destination. Though certainly built-up and commercial in the bigger tourist areas, Croatia maintains an old fashioned charm from the Mediterranean’s simpler days and continues to uphold cultural authenticity. With a tourism board motto of, “Mediterranean As It Once Was,” Croatia remains a land worthy of exploration. That said, if you want the glitz and glamour of modern Europe, you can certainly find it here.
Coastal cities attract clientele as dazzling as it’s nearby waters, with high-end clubs and upscale hotels being visited by wealthy celebrities eager for a ritzy night out. Any Croatia tour guide can direct you to one of the many tranquil fishing villages or isolated coves for an equally picturesque, but far more serene, encounter with the Adriatic shores. Wherever you choose to rest, local wine and rich olive oil await amidst a plethora of culinary delights.  

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