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About Puntarenas

Originally a cargo port, the town of Puntarenas has now become the dockside for luxury cruise ships en-route to the many surrounding islands. Resplendent with beautiful beaches, rich marine life and sub-tropical forests this becomes a sort after holiday destination. With so many things on offer, the expertise of a Puntunarenas Travel Guide will keep you busy all day long. The small old town which bears testament to the beginnings of the now large city has a beautiful church called the Catedral Puntarenas. Walk through the entrance in Sagrado Corazon de Jesus urban park, and you will be overwhelmed by the tall imposing pillars, curved ceilings and long stained glass windows. The many beach front cafes offer delicious fresh platters of sea food or have a smoothie before catching the ferry to Jaco, where one is able to hike through the bio-diverse Pacific Rain Forest or take an Aerial Tram through the tree tops. Snorkel amongst the colourful tropical fishes, go horseback riding or hire a mountain bike to ride along the beaches and on the mountains trails. February is the time of the Puntarenas Carnevales as the brightly coloured floats and people dressed in ornate headgear and costumes parade and dance through the streets. If you are there join in, have fun and party the night away.

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