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About Costa Rica

One of Central America’s prized hot spots, Costa Rica caters to the personalities in all of us. Surfers, beach bums, adventurers, and nature lovers all find warmth in this sunny country. Beaches stretch for miles, with different shores savored for different reasons; whether it’s the highest wave, wildest party scene, best view of the jungle, or home to the local turtles, there’s a portion of Costa Rica’s coast reserved for you.  When exhilarating rafting tours and zip-lining excursions pull the adventurers away, pristine golf courses, wildlife watching, and plentiful fishing routes beckon those seeking a laid back getaway.
The best part of Costa Rica is its’ ‘choose your own adventure’ approach. Everything from jungle-side eco-lodges to luxurious hotels awaits tourists, and from there guests can opt for whatever activity pleases them. As any Costa Rica tour guide can tell you, there is no short of entertainment or excitement in this beautiful country; with ever-growing rates of tourism, don’t be the last person to discover what so many before you already know about this enlivening nation.