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About Cook Islands

Like the splatter of paint from the brush of a Polynesian artist, the Cooks are dotted all over the South Pacific. In line with Hawaii and the same side of the International Date Line, it’s curious that these fifteen little cays and atolls feel quite so New Zealander in cultural character, while traces of the Aloha State can be found on every crag of Te Manga and every coral reef encircling picture-perfect Aitutaki Island. Maori is the language of choice for many locals, though English also echoes throughout the al fresco bars of Rarotonga Island. The most populous and happening of the lot, Rarotonga also boasts some top-notch reefs and scuba diving spots, where sea turtles weave through the lagoons and whale pods pepper the waters. Further afield and Cook Island tour guides can also reveal the wonders of the northern atolls. These are largely unvisited, but consist of beautiful submerged coral gardens and unique Polynesian speaking tribal communities.