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About Comoros

Nestled in a fold of warm sea between Madagascar and the east African coast, Comoros is now one of the last remaining unknown gems in these coastal reaches. This cluster of small islets is famed for its rugged array of jungle-backed coastline, where paradisal beaches can still be found completely deserted, against a rural backdrop of a friendly local population. Perhaps the most popular spot to kick back on the sand are the beaches around Mohéli. Often recommended by Comoros tourist guides, this island boasts an excellent array of activity opportunities, from snorkelling in the shallows to sailing on the swells. As one wonders whether things could get any more scenic, Anjouan ticks off on the list replete with lush vegetation and enchanting waterfalls while the misty summit of Mount Ntingui in the centre is a mysterious dream for hikers.
For history-lovers and culture buffs there’s a curious array of cultural sites to see in Moroni, the capital of the Grand Comore Island, where the old medina town that clusters around the port vicinity gives a flavour of the Arabic influences that have played such a formative part in the Comoros story. 

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