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About Colombia

After many years of civil conflict and political discourse, eager travellers breathe a happy sigh of relief at the renewed safety of Colombia’s tourism. At last, the South American country is securely welcoming visitors to discover the treasures living within its’ borders. And rest assured, those treasures are as breathtaking as they are innumerable. Located in the Andes Mountain, there is no shortage of highland trekking and scenic views. In the country’s lower altitude, paradise-like beaches are a refuge for surfers and sunbathers. Between the coastal leisure and mountainous adventure lies the excitement of jungle-filled safaris, coffee plantations, and ancient city ruins.
As any Colombia tour guide knows, limiting your trip to just one activity is the gravest mistake made here. Whether it’s a detour from the mountains to a wildlife preserve, or a daytrip from beachside whale watching to visit old colonial towns, the most impassioned tourists are those who fully engulf themselves in Colombian culture. A visit to this Caribbean nation will find you mesmerized and intrigued by the region’s best kept secret, saddened to leave and eager to return.