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About Chengdu

Located at the heart of China’s abundant and fertile Sichuan plains, the sprawling megalopolis of Chengdu has risen to become one of the country’s most celebrated destinations. Also referred to by the famous epithet ‘home of the pandas’ Chengdu boasts the largest panda conservation and research facility in the whole world, and these gentle animals are undeniably its largest touristic draw. There are then the Buddhist attractions, The Giant Buddha at Leshan and Mt Emei with its scenic views that your Chengdu tourist guide will pen in, in your visit to the Sichuan capital. The city itself has a smattering of verdant central parks and authentic Chinese institutions to enjoy; just ask for directions to the old Qing teahouses of Kuanzhaixiangzi, the Jinli ancient street or the nearby Jinsha dig site, where 3,000-year-old relics are now being plucked from the earth. For spice lovers Chengdu will also be a welcome blast of enjoyment, because it’s a kingpin of traditional regional cuisine, its hotpot dishes laden with Sichuan pepper and fresh chillies flowing from holes-in-the-wall all over the city. 

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