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My business partner and I were in Guangzhou for only a very short time, 4 days approximately but meeting with Emma was defintely ... More more right

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About China

Bordering four bodies of water and fourteen countries, China is as diverse as it is large. Though different regions boast different attractions, a consistent ancient eastern culture is present throughout the land. Underneath the luxury shops, high-end skyscrapers, and shiny city lights, that it is increasingly famous for, China is still a land characteristic of well-established serenity and charming antiquity. Remnants from the country’s early civilisations give the cities’ their backbone, while progressive urbanization is the clothing it wears.
While most visitors wary of its language and cultural uniqueness limit themselves to the big cities and their world famous attractions, there is so much more to experience in China’s lesser known towns and villages. So while your China tour guide plans your itinerary around the Great Wall and Forbidden City in Beijing, the terracotta warriors of Xian or the bund at Shanghai, save some time to take that river cruise in Guilin, wander down the picturesque streets of Dali or splash in the hot springs at Chongqing.
But the best way to authentically connect with this land is through its’ food. China is a country to eat your way through; Peking duck, boiled dumpling, and local firewater are but a sampling of its’ array of gastronomic delights, drawing you in with every twitch of your taste buds.