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Excellent in general, although his English pronunciation is a little funny He knows a lot about history He is very friendly, even when he knew that ... More more right

Review for Weilong Guan, Tour guide in Valparaiso, Chile

Hola! Tuve ocasión de contar con el trabajo de Roberto como guía, durante unos días de visita a la zona de Altos de Vilches, durante el Otoño ... More more right

Review for Roberto Delgado Rodrîguez, Tour guide in Valparaiso, Chile

About Valparaiso

Valparaiso, called the “Jewel of the Pacific,” is a beautiful seaport on the western coast of Chile. Located northwest of the capital Santiago, Valparaiso boasts natural beauty and a mild Mediterranean climate making it an all time favourite with tourists.
A rich history contributing to incredible historic landmarks and architecture has resulted in making Valparaiso a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2003.  Your Valparaiso tour guide will encourage you to walk through the city’s cobblestone streets to admire the different architectural styles and colourful buildings as well as its renowned street art that give the city its’ unique bohemian character. The city’s high incline cable cars, named as one of the world’s “100 most endangered historical treasures” by the World Monument Fund in 1998 offer up a fantastic city views as also a practical way to get around town. Be sure to check out famous sites including the Iglesia de la Matriz, Plaza Sotomayor, Pablo Neruda’s house, el Museo a Cielo Abierto, and the Plaza Aníbal Pinto. The beautiful, historic Valparaiso offers these fascinating landmarks and much, much more.