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Joaquin offered clear communication (planning the day, making meeting arrangements, and on tour) and was knowledgeable about a multitude of topics. ... More more right

Review for Joaquin Leal , Tour guide in Valdivia, Chile

After much research to set up a private excursion for eight of us from the Seabourn Quest. Jaime was marvelous helping us get just what we wanted. ... More more right

Review for Jaime Liebrecht, Tour guide in Valdivia, Chile

About Valdivia

In a mass of Germanic spires and gothic facades, the town of Valdivia rises from the reflective channels of the Cruces, the Cau-Cau and Calle-Calle confluences on the coast of central Chile. Its curious European veneer is the product of an immigration boom from Germany in the 19th century, while its dramatic setting is thanks to the rising foothills of the Andes to the west and the sweeping fields of thick Douglas-fir forest and poplar groves that enfold the city on all sides. In the heart of town itself, travellers will discover a lively conglomeration of student bars and homely seafood eateries, where Pacific curanto steam on stacks of coal and packed empanadas flow from the holes-in-the-wall. The town’s landmarks such as the University, its main museums and the Jardin Botanico are centred on the Isla Teja, while boat tours along the Costanera are a good way to explore the riverside market. After dark, the streets around Calle Esmeralda take on a hedonistic vibe, while the casks of the Cerveceria Kunstmann brewery evoke the hoppy flavours of the Bavarian motherland. A wee bit out of town, and travellers can plan excursions to the Spanish fortresses of Niebla and Corral with their Valdivia tour guides.

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